For families looking for a break from the norm, Egypt offers the perfect getaway for soaking up the sun as well as an immersive cultural education.

If you’re thinking of taking the kids to one of the world’s most famous and iconic destinations, you need look no further than Egypt. From mummies and pyramids to hieroglyphics and the Sphinx, the ancient sites of Egypt are truly fascinating places to discover.

Holidays are a great chance to spend quality time with family and loved ones. But what is it that makes a trip feel special?

For many families, it’s about a break from the norm—throwing routine out the window for a week or so and living in the moment, soaking in the sites, and enjoying adventures together.

There’s also the build-up to a family holiday, which adds an air of excitement to everyday life as you all count down the days to fun, sun and more fun.

Families are attracted to Egypt for its amazing historical sites—and for good reason. There’s no shortage of ancient tombs, temples and other impressive monuments. But there are also incredible natural attractions in Egypt worth visiting, too.

You won’t run out of places to visit, from rugged mountains to gorgeous beaches and Lake Nasser (the world’s largest man-made lake).

Beautiful weather and breath-taking scenery are sure to thrill young adventurers for a start. But you might be surprised to learn that Egypt is also an excellent destination for kids because it has plenty of exciting activities and places to explore.

Kids can marvel at sites from thousands of years ago, or they can zoom around in sand buggies on desert safaris.

Everything a wander-lusting family wants to know:
• Why Egypt is a great place to take kids
• Fascinating facts about Egyptian hieroglyphics
• Insights about ancient Egyptian culture
• How ancient Egyptian culture has influenced modern-day life

Here are just some interesting facts:
• The Great Pyramid of Giza took just three years to build – that’s because there was a huge workforce of up to 200 thousand people.
• Egyptians created one of the earliest known board games, Senet, which dates back to 3100 BC.
• Bibliotheca Alexandrina was built to commemorate Alexandria’s dedication to preserving and disseminating knowledge. The library now contains 8 million books.

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