Travelling in Covid Times
Going away during the pandemic may bring about new conditions of travel that must be adhered to and some of these may change at the last minute. We will do our best to keep everyone informed but ultimately it is the responsibility of the passengers to make sure they have followed all required protocol and are carrying the relevant documents that they need.

How do I do a Covid Test?
As testing becomes an essential part of travel, we have teamed up with Randox Health where you can get your test at a discounted price by using our discount code which we send to you once booked.

Before your holiday – You may need a test before travel, you may need a vaccination proof, each country has different entry requirements – please check specific requirements in advance on the FCDO website – click here

Your journey home – The traffic light system in place for arrivals into England which may require additional tests to be taken, as well as proof of levels of vaccination. Please click HERE for the latest advice –

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