In these current times, everyone wants to save money wherever they can. At Egypt Escapes, we do all we can to help you keep the costs down. This isn’t just by offering amazing value with our luxurious Egypt tours & holidays but also with good, professional advice.

When should I book my Egypt holiday? There is no exact science to this but booking early certainly has benefits. When flights are first released they are usually at their cheapest prices. You also have the advantage of being able to choose from a wider range of flight times & airlines as well as the best rooms & offers in the best hotels. Booking early will also help you to budget as you can secure your trip from just £99pp deposit, then pay in equal monthly instalments right up until 4 weeks prior to travel.

What do I need to do after I have booked my Egypt holiday? Once your holiday is booked there are other items that need considering such as airport travel and/or parking, travel insurance (absolutely essential, make sure you are covered from that date you book so that it covers cancellation too!), looking after your home and contents (including pets!). Airport parking can be expensive and tends to be cheaper the earlier you book. Don’t forget to look into alternative ways to get to the airport such as train, coach, lift from family or friends etc. This may help save. Remember that some airports charge a fee for drop off now too! (Approx £5 each way).

Saving for your Egypt Holidays:
While we are on the subject… we find that using a separate bank like Plum a good option for helping you save for your next holiday to Egypt.

Airline extras: Hold luggage, hand luggage, airport check-in, flight seat selection, onboard catering & entertainment… all these should be considered. Plan to take as little as possible and compare the costs of hand & hold luggage to see what is best for your requirements. Some airlines do ‘bundles’ whereby luggage, seats & meals are all included together at a discount so if you know that you want all of these services, book them all together to save. If you are really looking to scrimp, make-do with hand luggage and leave the seat selection until online check-in opens. Then make sure that you check-in online as soon as possible so that you are more likely to be seated together and if you are really not happy with the seats you can have more options to change them.

Arriving in Egypt: We think the best and cheapest way to secure your Egyptian visa is on arrival. It is easy and quick. Just make sure you have at least 6 months on your passport and £25pp in GBP cash (you will get some small change depending on currency conversion). Our local rep will usually be able to meet you in that part of the airport arrivals and be on hand to help you should any discrepancies occur. You won’t need much local currency but for when you do, a pre-loaded card such as Monzo offer great value exchange and no transaction fees.

Resort Transfers: All of our holidays include transfers when you arrive in resort. Just look for our friendly local rep in airport arrivals who will take care of you throughout the whole trip.

Egypt Hotels: Our range of Egypt Holidays offer fantastic value. Where else can you find 5-star all-inclusive breaks from under £400pp? This is made possible by the English Pound being so strong against the Egyptian Pound as well as everything being so much cheaper in the Egyptian economy compared to that of Britain. When you are shopping for clothes or souvenirs in Egypt, you will find that too.

Egypt Tours: Our 2 week tours usually include some time on the stunning Red Sea Riviera in luxurious all-inclusive surroundings. As well as a Nile Cruise from Luxor to Aswan on a traditional river boat. There are options to visit tombs & temples with professional Egyptologists as well as make trips to Cairo to see the Pyramids. Our tours can be tailored to your needs and start from just £599pp. Where else can you experience 6000 years of living history for less?

Haggling: This is part of the culture in Egypt and should be enjoyed rather than endured. Remember, the locals will not take offence to any haggling. In fact, if you prove astute they will actually rather revere you. Delight in the tradition, no matter how alien it may feel to start with and you can save BIG by bartering HARD! By the end of your trip you could have bagged some real bargains & surprise yourself by becoming quite a pro. Just remember to leave it in Egypt and not attempt it on every shopping trip when you are back in the UK!

Anything else? Let us know if you would like advice on anything else or if we have missed anything.

*This article was written on and by the perspective of 27th February 2024.

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