Wow! Has everyone been watching this incredible new series about the Pyramids of Egypt? For those that have, let’s get into it as we get onboard together. For anyone that hasn’t seen the amazing ‘Mysteries of the Pyramids’ with the fab Dara O’Briain, you simply have to catch up on this visual culture delight.

The series is currently showing live on Channel 5 on Mondays @ 2100hrs but you can also watch it on catch up, via the My5 Channel 5 app and My5 website here.

Take a deep diving delve into the last surviving wonders of the ancient world with the wonderful Dara O’Briain, to educate and entertain us. ‘Mysteries Of The Pyramids’ is a science series with plenty of theories about the wonders of Ancient Egypt. Joined by experts, the Mock The Week host will explore the most compelling questions about the incredible structures, including how they were built and why. He’ll also debunk the myths surrounding them and explore some crazier theories, including the far-fetched belief that they were built by aliens. What do you think? Do you agree with any of the theories? Do you have some of your own? We’d love to hear from you, plausible or outlandish!

Dara’s series promises to provide plenty of eye-opening facts and uncover the archaeological, historical and scientific findings that tell the captivating story of the pyramids. Dara says: “What a joy to explore these great monuments to human ingenuity and effort; to sort out the amazing facts from the many, frankly, ridiculous fictions that surround them; but mainly to live out all my Indiana Jones fantasies, scrambling in sandy tunnels in search of treasure, just without all the Nazis or the snakes.”

You can enjoy this two-part Channel 5 series in the UK from Monday May 20 2024 live at 2100hrs. The second episode will be shown a week later on Monday May 27 at the same time. Both episodes in the series will also become available on streaming service My5. Sample a snippet of what to expect via the trailer for the series on YouTube here.

Mysteries of the Pyramids — discoveries, what’s shown and episode guide:
With the help of archaeologist Raksha Dave and Egyptologist Dr Chris Naunton, Dara Ó Briain will get to the bottom of the intriguing history and science behind the construction of the pyramids. He’ll examine how they could have been built back then, considering they used such massive slabs of stone that even a modern crane would struggle, and look at their true function. Dara questions why if they were tombs, as is widely thought, no Pharoah has ever been discovered in one, and looks at the biggest mystery of all – why the ancient Egyptians started building them and then stopped. He’ll also debunk more outlandish myths surrounding the monuments.

Mysteries of the Pyramids Episode 1:
The world’s pyramids have fascinated us for millennia. Yet there are still so many unanswered questions, like how were they built with blocks of stone so heavy that even a modern-day crane would struggle? He starts by searching for answers about the missing body of Pharaoh Khufu, the man behind the Great Pyramid of Giza, which was built as his tomb.

“It’s the zenith of all pyramid making,” says Dara. “People have gazed for thousands of years in awe at the precision, the effort and the sheer scale of it. But even now it asks more questions than it answers.”

Dara explores the theories that either Khufu’s sarcophagus was raided centuries ago or that he lies in a chamber yet to be discovered.

Meanwhile, he reveals the pyramids’ relationship to the cosmos and learns that some believe the pyramid builders must have had power tools! But perhaps the wildest theory is that extraterrestrials helped build the vast monoliths!

“The size, precision and complexity has led many with an appetite for the paranormal to wonder if someone else could have been involved in their construction,” says Dara. “But I feel that gets in the way of a genuinely astonishing human achievement.”

Mysteries of the Pyramids Episode 2:
Visiting Cairo Museum, Dara is in awe of the treasures and golden riches found in these structures, but so of course were the tomb raiders of the past. It became a battle of wits, ingenuity, and innovation. Labyrinthine passages, dummy corridors and increasingly larger and more complex pyramid designs were built in an attempt protect the Pharaoh and his treasures.

For the ancient Egyptians the pyramids most important role was to keep the Pharoah’s body safely inside the pyramid so that he could then enter the afterlife. But ultimately, no matter what they did, they never managed to protect their Pharaoh… the kings eternal rest was always disturbed, his treasure looted. Eventually they changed tack and headed for the mountainous desert to bury their dead in the Valley of the Kings.

Here, Dara comes face to face with the boy king Tutankhamun who managed to evade the looters for over 3000 years, leading to one of the most incredible discoveries of the 20th century, causing a frenzy of ancient Egypt mania that persists to this day.

The ancient Egyptian pyramids may have failed in providing eternal rest, but nearly 5000 years since their invention, their mysteries still captivate us and so in providing pharaohs with immortality, they have succeeded after all.

Tune-in, check it out and let us know what you think. Fancy taking a trip to see the Pyramids for yourself? Well, we can certainly help with that! We have numerous Egypt tours that can saturate your salivations, including this incredible short break to Giza available from under £300pp! Looking for more? Then why not try our ‘Pyramids & Temples’ tour here.

*This article was written on and with the perspective of 20th May 2024.

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