The holiday’s booked. You’ve got the flights confirmed, beautiful hotel suite reserved and the most amazing Nile river cruise to look forward to. There’s only one thing left to do (after booking the pet into the sitters)….the packing. Whatever your modus operandi – be it super organised list maker or last minute panic packer – it’s always a stressful task. You’ve got to down-select your favourite outfits and swimwear, cosmetics and footwear, bearing in mind the weight limit for your airline. Unless you want to pay outrageous fees for excess baggage, you need to think carefully about what you really need to take.

Luckily, we have rather extensive experience in this area and here are our top tips to help you pack smart:

Travel in your Warm Clothing

Flights to Egypt average just under 5 hours to nearly 7 hours in duration, so it’s a good idea to wear your warmest clothing on the flight. Not only will you stay comfortable in the chilly air conditioned cabin, but you’ll also keep the weight out of your checked bag. The warm clothing can also be worn for cooler evenings.

Check Complimentary Items

Check what’s provided at the resort. There’s no point taking hairdryers or towels, these will usually be included in the room. Toiletries such as shower gel, soap, shampoo and conditioner may well also be complimentary. One tip here, however, is to pack anything you can’t be without in your hand luggage as long as it complies with security regulations (liquids have to be under 100ml), as well as a change of clothes, just in case your luggage goes astray.

Think Carefully about What You’ll Need

How many of us pack our entire summer wardrobe, only to live in a couple of outfits for the entire duration of our holidays? The key here is to make a list, and plan your daily outfits. Indeed, with the correct capsule wardrobe, you can get away with taking as few as 10 items for a holiday capsule wardrobe. Before packing, check weight restrictions for your luggage – as well as weight and size restrictions for hand luggage – and invest in portable luggage scales. That way you can also check your luggage for the return journey, after you’ve hit the souks, bazaars and markets!

Spending in Resort

A pre-loaded bank card or one that doesn’t charge for use abroad is obviously a good option. We can personally recommend Monzo for this but there is probably others that will suit you too.

Saving for your Egypt Holidays:
While we are on the subject… we find that using a separate bank like Plum a good option for helping you save for your next holiday to Egypt.

Egypt Travel Insurance

As with any holiday, adequate travel insurance is an absolute must! We work with a recommended partner for great travel insurance click here.

Create a Packing List

This is the most important thing you should do, even if list making doesn’t come naturally to you. There are certain items you can buy while you’re on holiday – most hotels will have a shop for the essentials – but in order to avoid leaving your favourite wedges at home, here’s our go-to list for your holiday in the sun. If you’re travelling to a resort, clothing will be more relaxed, but if you’re travelling to cities or mosques, you’ll have to dress more modestly, so ensure you take items that cover your shoulders and legs.

Hand luggage:

  • Passport (and make sure you’ve completed an eVisa)
  • Boarding pass (printed or on your phone)
  • Local currency and credit cards (don’t forget emergency numbers just in case these get lost)
  • Travel insurance policy
  • Phone, headphones and charger
  • Camera
  • Essential toiletries (adhere to any security restrictions)
  • Emergency clothing
  • Travel pillow, ear plugs and eye mask
  • Magazines and/or books
  • Travel-sized hand sanitizers and tissues


  • Cosmetics and toiletries
  • A small bag/money belt
  • Swimwear and cover up
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or bandana
  • Jewellery (leave anything sentimental at home)
  • T-shirts
  • Shorts and a couple of pairs of trousers (for cooler evenings and visits to mosques)
  • Dresses and skirts for day and evening wear (including longer hems)
  • Scarves (to cover your collar bone for modesty)
  • Nightwear and underwear
  • A jacket/pashmina/fleece for cooler evenings
  • Sensible footwear for sightseeing
  • Heels for evenings out
  • Plug adaptors and electrical chargers
  • Sunscreen
  • Medications and insect repellent
  • Hairdryer (if not supplied) and straighteners

Hope these tips help you ensure you’re packing smart for your Egyptian getaway. Have a wonderful holiday! If you need any help planning your next trip, why not give us a call on 02070303 or email [email protected]? We specialise in Nile river cruises, cruise and stay packages, and resort-only holidays along the Red Sea. Our team of experts all have extensive local knowledge and can guide you to the holiday of your dreams, in the land of the Pharaohs.

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