Epic, incredible and utterly unmissable: that’s how we’d describe this travel bucket list holiday to Egypt & Jordan. Enjoy a tour of a lifetime with our magical combination of the best of two ancient countries with some inimitable history & sites.

The Best of Egypt & Jordan
From a distance, the Pyramids are like alien spaceships in an endless sea of sand. But journey closer and you begin to comprehend the human skill required to erect them. Myriad hand-cut stone blocks, quarried chiselled and lifted into place by 100,000 workers. 

The lost city of Petra, where Indiana Jones searched for the Holy Grail, is revealed here. Our tour takes in the “Rose City” as you get erudite insights on Roman temples, Byzantine mosaics and Crusader castles. 

As far as river cruises are concerned, there can only be a few, if any, that capture the imagination more than a voyage along the Egyptian stretch of the majestic River Nile. At about 4,160 miles in length, the Nile is one of the longest rivers in the world. Take in the sights of an inimitable history and modern day vibrance as you pass through the Valley of the Kings to Aswan High Dam.

The Red Sea is a popular destination for endless sun and diverse populations of coral reefs. Stretches of the coastline are kissed with luxury resort hotels offering top quality all-inclusive experiences, as well as sun, sand and diving possibilities.

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