Currently, Egypt is still on the UK’s red list – this means no holidays are possible to take place for UK travellers. So, when is Egypt likely to move to the amber or even green list? At the moment, all arrivals from Egypt face a ‘prison like’ 10 day stay in a costly quarantine hotel and will have to take Covid tests on their second and eighth days in isolation.

With every travel review, Egypt seems to be getting closer to a promotion to one of the workable lists. British holidaymakers hoping for a holiday to Egypt may be in luck, as travel experts predict the country could be moved to the amber or green watch list soon.

Covid cases are falling in Egypt and as the country vaccinates more of its population, it seems more likely it will be moved from the red list. At Egypt Escapes, we are watching the amber lists as keenly as the green. This is due to the Government’s removal of the need for the fully vaccinated to quarantine upon arrival from amber list countries. Thus making holidays to amber list countries just as easy as the green list in reality for these people.

The Department for Transport said: “These regular review points will allow the Government to balance helping the public to understand Covid requirements when travelling to England while allowing us to constantly evaluate the risk for different countries.”

We look forward to the next update on Thursday 16th September 2021 and dearly hope for positive news… please.

NB: This article was written on and by the perspective of 9th September 2021.

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