If you’re looking for guaranteed sunshine, unspoilt beaches, beautiful resort hotels and amazing watersports, then Egypt is the resort destination for you. However, rather than take lengthy day excursions to see the epic Ancient Egyptian pyramids, temples and monuments, why not combine your resort holiday with a luxury Nile river cruise? Here are our reasons why you should book the holiday of a lifetime, a ‘cruise and stay’ package that combines an extravagant holiday at a red sea resort with a Nile cruise holiday:

1. You can relax on land, and adventure at sea

In today’s fast-paced world we all need to take some time to relax while on vacation. If you’re feeling burnt out, then the idea of lazing around the pool or on the beach, cocktail in hand, might be all you feel you need. But for most of us, after a couple of days we’re ready to start sight-seeing and up for a bit of an adventure. This is where Egypt is so unique, you’re already in easy reach of some of the world’s most amazing monuments and architecture. What better way to explore than on a luxurious cruise ship, stopping from port to port and visiting the most spectacular tourist attractions Egypt has to offer; and after all the exhausting sight-seeing along the river, you can return to a beautiful hotel and enjoy everything your resort has to offer, recharging your batteries before returning home.

2. It’s incredibly romantic

There’s nothing more romantic than gliding down the river, watching the emerald banks of the river slowly give way to amber desert sands and the iconic sights of Ancient Egypt. There’s a reason the Nile is chosen as a mystical, sublime setting for Hollywood movies, so come along and find out why!

3. The best way to see the landmarks is from the river

The Nile delta is extremely rich and fertile, so ancient civilizations based themselves around the banks of the river. This is why so many of the iconic monuments are placed around or near to the Nile. In Victorian times, sailing along the Nile was the only way to see these historic landmarks, and even with today’s improved road networks, it’s still the best way to ensure you see the main attractions during your Egyptian holiday.

4. You can get to know your fellow travellers

Nile cruise ships will be smaller than the cruise ships made famous by the likes of Jane McDonald. A more intimate atmosphere is great if you want to get to know your fellow travellers, and you’ll meet like-minded people who have an interest in taking in the best Egypt has to offer. Historians, adventurers and sun seekers can all mingle and enjoy the spectacular scenery and excursions. Don’t worry if you’d rather have peace and quiet though, there’s still plenty of space if you prefer some solitude and to simply be at peace, gazing as the scenery unfolds.

5. You can visit one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Of all the spectacular attractions you can visit on a Nile river cruise – Abu Simbel, The Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temple and The Great Sphinx to name but a few – there’s one that stands out, and that’s the Pyramids of Giza. Now a UNESCO Heritage site, these Pyramids are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. If you visit, you’ll witness their sheer majesty and marvel at how – all those centuries ago – they were constructed. This is a bucket list item for most of us, and it’s easily accessible if you choose to holiday along the Nile.

6. All accommodation, full board and transfers are included

Now you may be worrying about the logistics of a two-stage holiday, but it couldn’t be simpler with a cruise and stay package. While your stay on board will be on a full board basis you can choose from half board and full board packages while in resort, and all your transport will be taken care of, from the air travel to all of your transfers. Better still, if you book excursions you’ll be whisked to your attractions and can choose to have the benefit of a guided tour.

7. It’s not as far away as you think

With flight times to Egypt ranging from as little as 4 hours 40 minutes to just over 6 hours, it’s a relatively short journey to travel to an ancient era. Really, that’s only time for a meal and a movie, so time will literally fly by. Additionally, during the summer months Egypt is only 1 hour ahead of the UK which means literally no jet lag. You won’t waste any of your precious vacation getting into the time zone, meaning you can maximise your time out there.

8. Unique souvenirs and shopping experiences!

Most resorts will have a local market or bazaar, so you can pick up some unique gifts to take home – either as a memento of your stay or as gifts for those at home. This really is part of the Egyptian holiday experience, so you should visit and try haggling with one of the vendors. Don’t be afraid to walk away, as long as you’re not too wide of the mark, they’ll usually call you back over and you can make a deal. For the braver traveller, and a truly authentic experience of shopping like a local, visit Khan el-Khalili market in Cairo. This bustling bazaar offers a plethora of beautiful local products – from glass lamps and incense to cartouche jewellery and papyrus scrolls. If you feel a bit daunted at the prospect of navigating the labyrinth streets, then use a local guide who can also take you to the most reasonably priced stalls.

If you’re interested in booking a Nile Cruise and Stay package then contact us today by phone, live chat or email [email protected]. We’re fully ABTA & ATOL protected and our team of experts can guide you to your holiday of a lifetime. Tailoring your holiday not only according to your budget and length of stay but also the unique experience you’re looking for.

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